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Also it's been requested of Mr. Baguirov to deliver the actual Persian when he referring to Nizamis. And his son and Nizami Ganjavi have also praised Shirvanshah inside the introduction. Mr. Baguirov should carry verses, a little something he cannot both do or would not desire to do, considering the fact that he doesn't have a expertise in Persian to defends his obscure theories. And let's remember that the Persianized Arab dynasty of Shirvanshah (who drew their lineage to Sassanid kings exhibiting the Iranian ethnic identity of the world) did not have an understanding of Turkish, for Nizami to write down for them in Turkish! This level is not even stated by Mr.

Whilst for Russian, that is not desired given that I introduced some key Russian Students that disagreed with Mr. Baguirov's thesis and I'm able to identify some Armenian ones. So although the literature in Russian might be worthy of looking through on topics of Nizami, it truly is tainted due to the immediate invovlement of Stalin as well as the USSR. (See under for more comments).

Kurds have been in the area a lot longer and can not be absorbed into Azarbaijani Oghuz Turkic grouping. Kurdish mother by ethno-linguistic conventional and cultural standard does indicate that Nizamis mother is a minimum of Iranian (ethnically).

Also, over again, Firdowsi and Nizami were being various in some ways – not just did they Are living in various times (Just about two centuries apart), but in numerous locations, adhering to relatively different literary universities/traditions and while a single wrote a grand royal epic, the other a more philosophical poetry which was less about nationalism and royal grandeur and more about enjoy and internal elegance. Nizami, as other Azerbaijani Turkic poets like Fuzuli and Nasimi, of course go through, examined, liked, applauded Ferdowsi – and various Perso-Tajik colleagues – but to mention that Nizami or other great poets only tried to mimic Ferdowsi even by offering the exact same meaning to the phrases, is inappropriate.

I didn't begin this edit-revert nonsense. Therefore, in the event you or Other individuals want respect on your perform and endeavours -- learn to respect Other folks too. And halt your friends from vandalizing the webpage.

Many Recommended Site of the verses of Mr. Baguirov are indeed worthless when he can't carry the initial Persian. Since many great post to read of them do not exist and are created up because of the psuedo-scholarship in the republic of Azerbaijan. (see my comment on a person of those notorious Wrong verses in stop designed up in that republic.)

Хотя чистое сердце и победоносное счастье И являются твоими добрыми советчиками, Все же и от этого советчика с божьей благодатью Выслушай два-три слова, словно утренняя молитва.

1) I did not delete any of the verses, and I've brought them and responded to them from the dialogue site. Dialogue of Nizamis ethnicity does need to have a hundred traces or else I might place my short article also refuting yours and place much more lines supporting Iranian father

I commend him no less than that initially he introduced some Persian (In spite of the incorrect transliteration and pronunciation and that's much better than currently being vacant handed). In truth by using supplies from numerous Persian poets, the Armenianness of Shirin is popular.

I can also clearly show it from about ten other classical poets and authors that explain turks as tang-cheshm. So if you need to make a degree Any longer, display the pertinent verses.

His verse did not exist. But the above persians verses can be taken as metaphor and there is no reason for me to just take facet on this difficulty, due to the fact we won't ever know for 100%. All We all know is usually that although she was a Turkic slave presented with the ruler of Darband, this does not make Nizami’s father a Turk! And Also We all know that there is no manuscript with Apaq and Nizami employs the phrase Afaq about forty six as that visit this page means horizon and it would be scarce for any poet to all of a sudden indicate a special detail by using this term!

Also one can do a comparison between Nizamis function and Ferdowsi's work and find out that they are in the exact lifestyle and why Nizami has expanded on many of the stories of Ferdowsi and the same themes. Culturally Nizami contributed to the civilization and that is Persian-Iranian culture and civilization.

five) Mr. Baguirov tends to make claims that I denied Nizamis Diwan. What I denied was that lots of of poems are usually not reliable In accordance with unique scholars.

If you think that Adil just crashes at 630 Maryland Ave house along with his wonderful wife and two young little ones and Islom way too, perfectly, you’re about as gullible as the remainder of the school board who continues to be getting Adil’s guidance hook, line and sinker.

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